What’s Your Why?

I went a little outside of my comfort zone this semester. The past three years I have been taking classes, because I had to; they were required. But, this semester, I made a choice. I enrolled in IS 4220.01, a signature project course that is considered a GenEd capstone, a class I did not have to take. I am nearly 4 weeks into the semester and it has just now hit me. Why?

I initially signed up for this course because it fit with my schedule, and I was familiar with the professor. But now, after numerous class discussions, I have realized there’s more to it than that.

My class has engaged in a couple discussions that really resonated with me. The takeaways that I have recently gained I believe are worth sharing.

We make choices everyday that will build us into the people we want to be. For me, I want to become an employee that companies want to hire. How do I get there? The answer is by taking classes like IS 4220.01.

So far I have learned how to work collaboratively with an open mind and a creative view. I have gained knowledge in design, and practiced my problem solving skills. These are all basic understandings employers hear daily. To set myself apart from the masses, I need to go a little deeper.

I signed up for this class for the experience. I’m passionate about learning, and establishing a successful career. Using this blog, publishing my work, that is why I am in this class. Becoming familiar with WordPress will allow for my work to get noticed and shared.

So, to go back to the beginning, I am in this class because I want to be. I am excited to continue my education, starting with going outside of my comfort zone. What is your why?

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