The Relationship between Exercise and Happiness

Is there a relationship between exercising and being happy? Here are some quick facts that argue the relationship exists.

Exercising increases endorphins

Endorphins are “feel good” chemicals that produce feelings of euphoria. These are released through exercise. Through exercising, comes greater levels of endorphins in your body, causing a significant mood boost.

Exercise decreases stress

Feeling stressed? Exercise is proven to reduce levels of cortisol and adrenaline which in high levels, cause stress in the body. Reduce these stress chemicals by taking a walk, going on a run, or doing some yoga.

Exercise increases immunity

Getting sick can get in the way of our daily lives, especially if you find you are feeling tired and run down a majority of the time. Exercise improves our immune systems in a couple ways. First, it helps flush out any bacteria in our lungs or airways, thus decreasing the likelihood of catching the cold or flu. Exercising also improves how quickly our bodies can fight off illnesses. For example, when we exercise, our antibodies and white blood cells (WBC) circulate through the body more quickly, being able to detect and thus fight off illnesses sooner and quicker. Lastly, during exercise, our body temperature naturally rises during and after, this helps prevent bacteria from growing as well as helps fight off any infections.

Exercise reduces Depression and anxiety

According to James Blumenthal, PhD, a clinical psychologist at Duke University, data exists that suggests active people are less depressed than inactive people. Blumenthal also claims that exercise is proven to not only help treat depression, but also prevent relapse.

Amid the chaos and uncertainty of our current COVID-19 situation, I hope you find this helpful in your attempt to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Despite gym closures, exercise is still possible at home. At home workouts are possible inside, or outside, but either way, are a great way to relieve stress, fight off sickness, and ultimately stay happy.

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