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Click the attachment to view some of my work. Bipolar Depression Research Paper

  1. This paper exemplifies the CMS objective, Read/Write/Listen. I believe this research paper greatly supports this objective because the sole purpose of this paper was to show that I read research, was able to understand that research, and write about it in my own words.
  2. I chose this particular artifact because I felt that this was the most raw paper I have ever written. It touches on an important subject, and wanted to share it. Freshman year at Plymouth State, I was assigned to write a research paper on any topic. I chose Bipolar depression. Mental health is a subject that people are often times afraid to talk about, and I wanted to research why, and why there is such a stigma around it.
  3. This artifact shows my successful completion of this object because it shows in my wiring. In my piece, I present a myriad of examples and facts. Citing my sources in my paper exemplifies my ability to read scholarly articles. Then explaining those sources and relating it back to my paper shows my ability to write. In my introduction paragraph, I used a quote from one of my good friends. This quote is real, and uncensored. Implementing this quote shows that I listened to my source, and listened because I genuinely cared. I listened and then used that content for my paper.

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