Almost There

Right now I am feeling a sense of relief. After months of learning about design, user experience, and the application process for first year students here at PSU, my peers and I have almost reached the finish line.

Keep in mind our class is in no way, experienced designers. We are not experts in WordPress, HTML coding, or even in problem solving. We aren’t professionals in public speaking, research, or blogging. But here we are. Here I am. We have been unafraid to fail and learn from it, and adamant on seeing our work through.

I am proud of my IS 4220.01 team and the work that we each have brought forth to create this concept and bring it to the level of attention it is receiving now.

Click “Final Interactive Journey Map” at the top of this post, and test our work out.

We still have a couple strides left to take, but I can’t help but take this deep breath of air right now.

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