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The Importance of Market Research and SEO

Today’s marketplace is saturated with products and services. Consumers have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing which product they would like to purchase. This makes it increasingly difficult for companies to compete, as well as keep updated with consumer needs, industry trends, opinions, and its competitors. To combat this and ensure you are up to date with your consumers and their needs, market research must be conducted!

The topic of market research interests me because of how important it is. From conducting market research, comes making informed business decisions. Market research starts with gathering, recording, and analyzing data from consumers, competitors, as well as the entire market. From there, the data gets turned into useful insight used to drive marketing strategies, product design, positioning, and communication strategies.

Market research can either be primary or secondary, or qualitative or quantitative. Primary research is new data. This type of research does not exist yet. Examples of primary research methods are surveys, focus groups, and research panels. On the other hand, secondary research is the data that already exists. It is already published data and is more cost effective compared to conducting primary research.

Qualitative research aims to find out what potential consumers think and feel about specific products/services. Quantitative research differs because it focuses on hard numbers and relies on hard numbers to make sense of data.

Last semester I took a Research Methods course that focused on all things research based. We explored both quantitative and qualitative research and the different methods of data collection for each.

My experience from this course led to my interest in market research in the digital marketing realm.

As important as it is to conduct market research in order to fully understand your consumers, competitors, and industry, it is just as important to optimize your content. There are millions of links on the web, what makes a consumer choose to click on yours? That is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. SEO is “the practice of optimizing a website in order to achieve the highest possible ranking on search engine result pages”.

Backlinko shares some insight on key ways to improve SEO. Below are 5 quick tips.

1) Publish Research Content

This is content with data! Include a statistic, survey or study in order to achieve likes and clicks.

2) Create Visual Content

87.5% of marketers use visuals in their content. Visual content is growing fast and will lead to high SEO success continuing through 2020. Visual content includes images that are easily embedded.

3) Encourage Comments and Community

Encouraging user engagement leads to higher search engine rankings. Ask for comments, promote sharing, and as more community involvement evolves, the greater ranking is given.

4) Build Backlinks as a Podcast Guest

Podcast usage is a great way to build links. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular in the US, and with popularity comes greater listeners/readers. The greater the audience, the greater opportunity for links.

5) Prune Zombie Pages

A zombie page has zero value. Having a few isn’t detrimental, but they do add up. Hundreds of zombie pages on your site will decrease your SEO. If you find you have zombie pages, try to eliminate as many as possible.

These are just 5 quick tips to keep in mind in order to achieve great SEO in the up coming years.

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