COVID 19 has completely devastated life as we knew it. For college seniors like myself, the last semester of our higher education experience was interrupted and transformed into remote learning. Teachers across the nation must quickly and strategically transform their lessons into ones teachable on the online world, a world that isn’t accessible for all. Healthcare providers that are face to face with the deathly sickness don’t have enough PPE, essential workers put on a brave face and still go to work, millions of people are unemployed, people are dying, people are scared.

In the past two months my hockey career of 16 years ended, my last semester of college was halted, and a global pandemic has uplifted my status quo. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say I am feeling overwhelmed with emotions.

I’ve been home for a little over a month now, living in the same few outfits I packed for spring break, not knowing a global outbreak was about to happen. I miss living in my off campus apartment, my roommates, my classes, my internship, I miss college. But, this is my new normal.

I have found solace in being surrounded by my family at a time where some are isolated and alone.

My time on campus having the fun any other spring-semester college senior would be having is over. But the invaluable time I get to spend with my family is a gift.

There is always good in the bad, you just have to be open to finding it. I found my good. I found some sense of comfort while the rest of my body aches of sadness.

Just this little bit of comfort gives me enough hope to live in the present, focus on the good, and appreciate what I have. I never really got to spend quality time with my family. Life was always so busy. There’s five of us in a house, but all with 5 different schedules. But now, the world is partially on pause. I get to laugh with the people who I love and who love me the most. We cook, we play games, we drink, we binge movies, we laugh.

There sure are a lot of negatives surrounding us in life, but when we’re willing to find the good in the bad, life can’t make us feel any way we don’t want to.

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