Taking the Next Step

Our drawn out interactive journey map prototype

“Five more minutes” I remember thinking to myself. In a short matter of time my peers and I would present our prototype to our clients, in hopes of “wowing” them. This had been my first experience building a prototype so I was anxious to hear the feedback we would soon receive.

Soon enough, we got the answer we were seeking; the green light to further our idea. They loved it! Our prototype of an interactive journey map accessible for prospective students was a hit! After we showed them our initial ideas, the question was asked, “ so what is the next step?

The great part about design is that it is iterative. We don’t need to strike gold in the beginning stages, rather success is something we can build and find over time. Though our clients loved our idea, we need to make things more definite. That is our next step.

In the next week, we scheduled to meet with the heads of the Marketing team here at PSU to share our prototype and discuss how they can assist in the development of our interactive journey map. Our next step involves completely mapping out the journey map design, and how we would like to see this being used in the future.

Stay tuned to see what comes next….