Almost There

Right now I am feeling a sense of relief. After months of learning about design, user experience, and the application process for first year students here at PSU, my peers and I have almost reached the finish line.

Keep in mind our class is in no way, experienced designers. We are not experts in WordPress, HTML coding, or even in problem solving. We aren’t professionals in public speaking, research, or blogging. But here we are. Here I am. We have been unafraid to fail and learn from it, and adamant on seeing our work through.

I am proud of my IS 4220.01 team and the work that we each have brought forth to create this concept and bring it to the level of attention it is receiving now.

Click “Final Interactive Journey Map” at the top of this post, and test our work out.

We still have a couple strides left to take, but I can’t help but take this deep breath of air right now.

Spreading the Word

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit down with a Content Manager from the Marketing and Create Services Office here at Plymouth State and share with him the work that my classmates and I are doing for our signature project.

Peter was seeking out information about the class that supports the notion that Plymouth State is ahead of its counterparts in terms of providing an education unlike any other.

For what our class is trying to accomplish, it is important to spread the word. We need help from every community here on campus. We are open to hear the feedback, the support, and the critique.

Sitting down with Peter allowed for our work to get some recognition. I am very proud to be a part of this experience and work alongside other students across different disciplines.

Our class is super excited to finalize our product, and see this project be successfully implemented in the on boarding process for first year students.

Let’s keep spreading the word!!

Taking the Next Step

Our drawn out interactive journey map prototype

“Five more minutes” I remember thinking to myself. In a short matter of time my peers and I would present our prototype to our clients, in hopes of “wowing” them. This had been my first experience building a prototype so I was anxious to hear the feedback we would soon receive.

Soon enough, we got the answer we were seeking; the green light to further our idea. They loved it! Our prototype of an interactive journey map accessible for prospective students was a hit! After we showed them our initial ideas, the question was asked, “ so what is the next step?

The great part about design is that it is iterative. We don’t need to strike gold in the beginning stages, rather success is something we can build and find over time. Though our clients loved our idea, we need to make things more definite. That is our next step.

In the next week, we scheduled to meet with the heads of the Marketing team here at PSU to share our prototype and discuss how they can assist in the development of our interactive journey map. Our next step involves completely mapping out the journey map design, and how we would like to see this being used in the future.

Stay tuned to see what comes next….

What’s Your Why?

I went a little outside of my comfort zone this semester. The past three years I have been taking classes, because I had to; they were required. But, this semester, I made a choice. I enrolled in IS 4220.01, a signature project course that is considered a GenEd capstone, a class I did not have to take. I am nearly 4 weeks into the semester and it has just now hit me. Why?

I initially signed up for this course because it fit with my schedule, and I was familiar with the professor. But now, after numerous class discussions, I have realized there’s more to it than that.

My class has engaged in a couple discussions that really resonated with me. The takeaways that I have recently gained I believe are worth sharing.

We make choices everyday that will build us into the people we want to be. For me, I want to become an employee that companies want to hire. How do I get there? The answer is by taking classes like IS 4220.01.

So far I have learned how to work collaboratively with an open mind and a creative view. I have gained knowledge in design, and practiced my problem solving skills. These are all basic understandings employers hear daily. To set myself apart from the masses, I need to go a little deeper.

I signed up for this class for the experience. I’m passionate about learning, and establishing a successful career. Using this blog, publishing my work, that is why I am in this class. Becoming familiar with WordPress will allow for my work to get noticed and shared.

So, to go back to the beginning, I am in this class because I want to be. I am excited to continue my education, starting with going outside of my comfort zone. What is your why?

Studies in Communication and Media

Click the attachment to view some of my work. Bipolar Depression Research Paper

  1. This paper exemplifies the CMS objective, Read/Write/Listen. I believe this research paper greatly supports this objective because the sole purpose of this paper was to show that I read research, was able to understand that research, and write about it in my own words.
  2. I chose this particular artifact because I felt that this was the most raw paper I have ever written. It touches on an important subject, and wanted to share it. Freshman year at Plymouth State, I was assigned to write a research paper on any topic. I chose Bipolar depression. Mental health is a subject that people are often times afraid to talk about, and I wanted to research why, and why there is such a stigma around it.
  3. This artifact shows my successful completion of this object because it shows in my wiring. In my piece, I present a myriad of examples and facts. Citing my sources in my paper exemplifies my ability to read scholarly articles. Then explaining those sources and relating it back to my paper shows my ability to write. In my introduction paragraph, I used a quote from one of my good friends. This quote is real, and uncensored. Implementing this quote shows that I listened to my source, and listened because I genuinely cared. I listened and then used that content for my paper.